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I got an awesome new avvie by the amazing :iconlulluria:! Go check her out cause she's amazing! ^^ Plus her commissions are open, and they really are quite reasonable. :D

Don't forget, I'm still taking tarot commissions too:…

P.s., my icon is my character Awry. :D I'm hoping to get a lot more art of her soon.
EDIT: Wow, guys, that filled up alot faster than I thought it would! Thanks so much. :) All of the free readings spots are taken, but I will still have 5 more slots for a mere $5! I feel really bad charging for this guys, so I'm ramping it up slowly. I don't want anyone to feel like they where cheated.


Hi there folks! I thought I would try something a little different. Some of you may or may not know, I do tarot readings in my free time. A lot of people show interest in them, and I would like to expand that a little. Eventually I would like to work up to be able to charge, "commission" if you will, for these tarot readings, but for now I want to start for free and see how it goes.

There is however, a little bit of a catch: Tarot requires a connection between reader and viewer. Normally, I would only do these in person. I want to be able to reach out to more people though, so the next best thing I can think of is a letter. Something that you hand write and personalize carries much more personification then we give it credit for. Can't afford postage or live outside the U.S.? Ok, still not as strong, but the next best idea from there is a live chat with webcam and mic. Seeing your facial expressions, hearing your voice, there's no physical interaction there, but it's pretty darn close. I would use Skype or Tinychat for that. Don't have one/both of those? Ok, we're losing a serious connection now, but I can still attempt to do a tarot reading for you. The best bet here is to try and explain yourself and your situation the best you can in a note/pm. Don't be afraid to write long paragraphs here. I will never judge you for your actions, or make any of your information public. In the very least of things, I can offer you  my condolences and possibly share any similar stories.

For now I'm only accepting 5 applicants. PM me for a position and my address. I don't know if I'll even get that many interested, but that's why we're doing this. :)

A few more clauses:
         By requesting a tarot from me, you understand this, and promise not to sue for me for any unmet divinations. (A divination license costs upwards of $300 and basically is just a shield against lawsuits. I have been practicing tarot my entire life.)
:bulletblue: Do not expect a clear cut vision of the future.
         Tarot is more about recognizing a problem, finding out the attributing forces, and helping see the options around you. It is a tool to help you make a decision, or get a good look at where you are in life. It will not tell you if you'll make a million dollars, get the love of your life, or how many kids you will have. However, if you really want, I could still try to ask those things.
:bulletblue: All reading will be in the traditional Celtic Cross spread, which constitutes of 11 cards, and usually takes me 15~30 minutes to read.
:bulletblue: I do not read reverse positions. This does not make my readings "wrong". I have trained my cards to recognize that and will read accurately regardless.
:bulletblue: I may ask you to advertise for me later on. This isn't required, but would be greatly appreciated.
:bulletblue: I will never, ever, take for granted the privacy between our conversations and make anything you share with me public without explicit permission. I expect the same courtesy.
:bulletblue: Questions, replies, criticism is always welcome. If something in my reading didn't make sense, feel free to ask for an expansion.
:bulletblue: Cant write a letter? PM me, I'm sure we can figure out some middle ground. :)

Paid Spots
1. open
2. open
3. open
4. open
5. open

Free Spots:
1. kenlybop - awaiting letter
2. Araielle3 - awaiting letter
3. Wintergreenmints - awaiting letter
4. chise8340 - Video sent and Note replied!
5. Fat-tails - awaiting letter
Just some links to my character ref sheets. o3o Old, pointless journal edited away for discreetness~

Zan & Corbin:
Got tagged by :iconfennimin:!!

Comment and I will answer the following about you:
1. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your DeviantArt page...
2. Tell you a color you remind me of...
3. Tell you which Element I think you belong to (e.g. water, fire, air, etc.)...
4. Tell you what comic, manga/anime, or video game character you remind me of...
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer...
6. Tell you something I like about you...
7. Give you a nickname...
8. Tell you the object that is to the left of me...
9. Tell you what food/ flavor/smell you remind me of...
10. Tell you to do one in your journal too... <-- only if you want!

Just for fun!

Anime Expo Con Update- Please Read

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 6, 2010, 1:42 PM

.:Why I Most Likely Won't be Going Back:.

Yes, it appears I most likely won't be returning to AX. But there is good reason. Please hear me out. Upon entering the con center, one of the first things that could be noticed is a few empty booths lining the back of the exhibit hall. On one side there was a wall setup that was easily ignorable at first, and on the other side was seating for attendees. Anyone who's been to AX last year knows, that space used to be filled with more dealer booths. it was significantly smaller, but cleverly camouflaged to look as big. So why so small this year? It was a bit puzzling at first. I stopped by the Anime Hot booth, friends of mine, all of us being from Vegas, and heard some terrifying news.

Apparently, in the past, as the dealers come to set up their booths, they could drive up to the docking area, unload from the car or what have you, use the con centers trolleys, and forklifts, and palettes, all for roughly a flat fee of $750. This year, however, when all the dealers showed up, they found out that they would have to pay by the pound.

If you've ever been to a con, think of those large metal walls the dealers always set up with to hang merchandise off of. You ever try to lift one of those? Neither have I. But they're heavy. I was told they're too heavy too carry, and need to be loaded up by the palette, and moved with a forklift. Crazy huh?

So, talking to dealers around the con, there was one guy who had a fairly small booth. Just 1 table, Im not sure if he had any of those metal walls, wasnt selling much, just a few T-shirts, and his move-in cost for the con was $1,500. This seemed really ridiculous! Another booth told us they had to sell over $9,000 before they even started making a profit. There was another booth, I can't remember the name of their company, but they sold t-shirts, and they where real popular. their booth was huge, took up 3 or 4 tables, and had a cage built out of those metal walls. It was real cool to walk into their cage and be in like this small room all of the sudden. This year, when they showed up and saw how they where going to be charged for the move-in, they told AX to keep the money they had already paid for their booth, and that they where leaving and would not be coming back if this kept up. Apparently many other booths did the same.

This has angered many dealers, and I'm not even done yet. Since the last day of the con was july 4th, the move-out for all of their stuff was doubled! So that poor guy, who wasnt even selling much and paid 1500 to get in, would have to pay 3000 to get out!!

Now, If you've kept up with me, I'm sure you're asking, 'Why would AX do this? don't they know it's bad for their con?' I want to tell you this. It is not AX that charged all these insane fee's. Its this GES Union (excuse me if I got the name wrong) that governs conventions. They changed their rates this year to be so unreasonable. There was nothing AX or the dealers could do.

In response, AX wrote up a contract for next years dealers to potentially help out. We actually went down and got a copy of this contract to read for ourselves. It stated that next year, included in the price of the dealers booth, AX would pay for up to 500 pounds of the move-in and move-out cost. Sounds alot nicer, but as I kept reading, I saw that one perk was not enough. Those 500 lb where for 'cartload' only, which meant all of those large metal walls, which if you remember are moved by forklift, would not be covered. Then, looking at the price of dealers table, the absolute cheapest and smallest booth was still $1,150. And this rate was only good for the next 3 months. after that the prices went up by $200.

I kept reading until the cancellation policies. Until October, dealers can cancel their booth registration for a full refund, of course, with a $50 processing fee. After that, they can only get a 50% refund, until March. After March, there is no refund. But here's the kicker: Dealers won't know what this GES union company is charging for move fees until May, two months before the con. By that time, it's too late to cancel.

So you can see why a bunch of dealers would be angry and not want to return right? I heard a few booths where banding together and trying get other booths in not returning to AX until this is resolved. They feel if they start getting treated this way at AX, other cons may think they can take advantage of their dealers too. And they cant. Essentially, its almost a dealers strike. I cannot foresee AX being very successful next year.

Now, from here, I'm going to talk about more of the rumor stuff. Everything before was stuff I heard straight from dealers, and read straight from the contract. Here on out, it is pure speculation on mine, and dealers behalf.

So, after day 1 at AX, they made an announcement that due to the "overwhelming success of AX this year", AX would pay for all of the dealers move-out fee. AS I mentioned before, that was double their move in fee. It's also pretty clear that AX did not have a "overwhelming success". I don't have the numbers, but my guess is that they have about as much attendees this year as they did last year. which, mind you, is nothing to sneeze at, but I wouldn't call it overwhelming. So, this sudden act of charity made me think that it didn't really make sense. what did AX have to gain by it? One of the dealers pointed it out to me. They know dealers are angry. They want them, no, they NEED them to come back. They where trying to sweeten the deal.

In other news, this part fact, SPJA (who owns AX) contracted IDG World Expo to run AX this year. Here's a news post:… Now the rumor part: according to a dealer, in the past, cons that IDG has been contracted to run, they have supposed bought the next year. Now I'm not entirely sure that's a good or bad thing. From what I can tell by a quick glance at their site, IDG has been contracted to run E3 and Macworld this year, but I'm not sure what they own. SPJA is supposedly non-profit... I'm sure someone's getting paid, but the concept of SPJA is that the money goes to the con. and in the past they've done good. Not always perfect, but good.

There was also a rumor, a rumor which I have absolutely no fact to determine the truthfulness of, that they may start charging an entrance fee into the dealers hall for attendees. To make us pay for the privilege of spending money. This rumor I suspect to be bogus, but I share with you what I heard.

.:The Con, Otherwise:.

THAT ASIDE. Otherwise I had more or less of a good time at the con. As I mentioned before, my favourite booths where not there, and the ones that where, where surprisingly small. However, Manga Gamer had a huge booth this year! 3 infact! And they where selling some excellent stuff. We got 3 pillowcases, one of which was deliciously dirty, and a pack that cam with Agarest Tales, a promotional pillowcase, and a boobie mouse pad. good times. ^^ We hung out with our friend Jake, and his new friends, who happen to do excellent cosplay. I also met and talked to a couple of other excellent cosplayers, one does this excellent Taiga (Aisaka) from Toradora, I've seen many pictures of her before. the other does saber from fate stay (!!!). So I got to hang out with lots of good people. We ate at a ramen shop which had DELICIOUS food, and I bought a penguin suit! yes, a penguin suit! I love it so much! <3 it was only $40, and its a full head to foot jumper tupe thing. it even has an adorable tail. They had lots of animals, and I was considering the hamster, but I love penguins. I would have loved it more if it was blue, but all the same. They hotel we stayed at was super cheap, and it showed it, lol, but we managed just fine. ^^


I'm still accepting commissions! Please let me now if you have any other questions or thoughts. I'll consider anything. ^^

:bulletgreen:Realistic portrait in color pencil:bulletgreen:
Portrait of Terra by waterdancer
This takes alot of time, and alot of pencils, plus, I will mail you the finished piece. So accordingly, I am charging $60 plus postage.

:bulletgreen:Chibi/ Cute Creature:bulletgreen:
Chocolate Covered Chocolate by waterdancer Mint the Octupus by waterdancer
This will likely be rendered digitally, and a high res sent to you. As such, I am charging $15. If you would prefer I render this differently, i.e. watercolor, please talk to me.

Ichigo Strawberry by waterdancer Cell Phone Smile by waterdancer Cinnamon Roll by waterdancer
I will make anything you ask me too, but will likely be chibi styled. All charms come on a cellphone strap. I charge $7 plus shipping.

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Male Terra?

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 13, 2010, 1:16 PM

.:Whats New:.

So, recently, I've been giving thought to what the male me would be like. Mostly just cause most of my friends have male versions. But it's fun to think about. Anyways, I get kind stuck between 2 types that I'm not sure my male me would be. One is short, boyish, active, and a little mischievous, the other tall, girly, and COMPLETELY gay. XD So, what do YOU think my male me would be? I'm thinking on illustrating whatever is decided.


In other news, I am currently moving. Money got real real tight, so to conserve, me, my boyfriend, and his dad will be moving in with our friends, AmethystaG and her husband. There's alot going on, so I'm a little busier than normal, and alot of my stuff is going into storage. On the plus side, I'm finally gonna have a car! Alright, it's not MY car, but I get to drive it, so that makes me happy. We both have cats too, so we're hoping they get along. actually I hope they keep each other company, because they both tend to get lonely. Welp, that about wraps it up. Oh, yeah, going to AX soon. But I think you all knew that. ^^


I'm still accepting commissions! Please let me now if you have any other questions or thoughts. I'll consider anything. ^^

:bulletgreen:Realistic portrait in color pencil:bulletgreen:
Portrait of Terra by waterdancer
This takes alot of time, and alot of pencils, plus, I will mail you the finished piece. So accordingly, I am charging $60 plus postage.

:bulletgreen:Chibi/ Cute Creature:bulletgreen:
Chocolate Covered Chocolate by waterdancer Mint the Octupus by waterdancer
This will likely be rendered digitally, and a high res sent to you. As such, I am charging $15. If you would prefer I render this differently, i.e. watercolor, please talk to me.

Ichigo Strawberry by waterdancer Cell Phone Smile by waterdancer Cinnamon Roll by waterdancer
I will make anything you ask me too, but will likely be chibi styled. All charms come on a cellphone strap. I charge $7 plus shipping.

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So, Stuff!

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 2, 2010, 8:42 PM


So, both my poring and my cactus received alot of positive attention. This makes me so happy! I'm also glad to see that in my "recent deviations" it shows nothing but things I'm proud of. =D I've long felt my gallery doesn't reflect my true skills, but I think I'm slowly starting to build it in a way I'm proud of. ^^


In other news, looks like I will be moving soon. Money's been real tight recently, so to conserve, me and my boyfriend will be moving in with my good friend AmethystaG and her husband. Let's just hope we don't chew off each others head's! XD I am still taking commissions, more info below~!


Alot of people have shown interest in a couple of my pieces so I'm going to break it down like this:

:bulletgreen:Realistic portrait in color pencil:bulletgreen:
Portrait of Terra by waterdancer
This takes alot of time, and alot of pencils, plus, I will mail you the finished piece. So accordingly, I am charging $60 plus postage.

:bulletgreen:Chibi/ Cute Creature:bulletgreen:
Chocolate Covered Chocolate by waterdancer Mint the Octupus by waterdancer
This will likely be rendered digitally, and a high res sent to you. As such, I am charging $15. If you would prefer I render this differently, i.e. watercolor, please talk to me.

Ichigo Strawberry by waterdancer Cell Phone Smile by waterdancer Cinnamon Roll by waterdancer
I will make anything you ask me too, but will likely be chibi styled. All charms come on a cellphone strap. I charge $7 plus shipping.

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Wed May 19, 2010, 9:51 PM

journal style still under construction... >.>

Ok, so we've all heard an ear full on it. I guess I feel it's time I put in my 2 cents.

For those who are unfamiliar, Arizona just passed a bill to supposedly help with illegal immigrants. It more or less proposes asking for paperwork at random intervals and arresting individuals who cant prove that they are a legal citizen.

Lets digest the bill here. If you're really that interested, here is a link to the bill… and this is a fact-sheet, a sort of summary, here:… I'll be going mostly off the fact sheet.

Requires the person's immigration status to be verified with the federal government pursuant to federal law
What does this mean anyways? How much paperwork does it take to prove your a legal citizen? More over, what if you're born and raised in U.S.A, but happen to look Hispanic? All I've ever known to carry is ID and car insurance. Is that enough?

Requires an alien unlawfully present in the U.S. who is convicted of a violation of state or local law to be transferred immediately to the custody of ICE or Customs and Border Protection, on discharge from imprisonment or assessment of any fine that is imposed.
This is good! Being an illegal immigrant is, wow, illegal! It would be great to see the immigration process refined though. There are definitely issues there.

Allows a law enforcement officer, without a warrant, to arrest a person if the officer has probable cause to believe that the person has committed any public offense that makes the person removable from the U.S.
Probable cause. That means if you LOOK Hispanic, and can't prove you're American, they can arrest you.

  Requires the court, if there is a judicial finding that an entity has committed a violation, to order any of the following... that the defendant pay a civil penalty of not less than $1,000 and not more than $5,000 for each day that the policy has remained in effect after the filing of the action.
So, Isn't that saying that we're going to make these illegal immigrants pay us to deport them? That doesn't make alot of sense to me.

Eh, it goes on, but this pretty much my points. Let's break it down to a clearer pro/con.

:bulletblue: Immigrant control
:bulletblue: Carrying Identification
:bulletblue: Intent?

:bulletblue: Racial profiling- lets hope that doesn't become an issue.
:bulletblue: Extra ID for Americans?
:bulletblue: Immigrants paying to be deported
:bulletblue: This "probable cause" thing. It's too vague.

All in all, that's my opinion. Thus far. I would love to hear more from you. I generally don't stick my nose in politics, but this has been buzzing around quite loudly recently. In the end, why do I care? I have to do a political cartoon on it. So I openly welcome all your thoughts, approval, hates, and rants about this bill. I don't have all the answers here, in fact most of what I say are questions. If you feel you can clarify anything, please, speak up. Thank you.
(I re-use journals cause I can.)

Found from :icondinchtgirlie:'s journal.

:bulletpurple: If you are one of the first 15 people to comment on this journal entry, I will add you to the list!

:bulletpurple: For each of the 15 first people answering this journal I will put his/her avatar and the three deviations I like most from his/her gallery.

:bulletpurple: If you answer, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (that's me!) on the first place, completing this way the list with 14 additional people. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

So tally up people!

1. :icondinchtgirlie:………

2. :icononivale:………

3. :iconslave2f8:………

So, I just heard out about this new con called Las Vegas Super Con. Its brand new, and its practically down the street from my house, and its like... 6$ buck to get in. Super affordable.

Best thing about this con? Artist tables. for free.

It looks like he's having people send him art samples and he'll do interviews or choose a certain number out of it.... but if your interested, you should go to their site and apply. theres apparently only a few spots left.

not a whole lot of info on it, but its local and cheap so maybe we'll reap some benefits.

for those who are wondering, its may 21-23.
Edit: My friends have been such a great help and support to me! They've offered to take commissions to help me raise money. You guys rock! <3 it means so much.

Unfortunately, I found out my cat has galstones. ;_; Its very painful for him. I've already spent over $800 on his vet bills, and he has to be on a special diet for the rest of his life. He also needs another X-ray in about a month.

So to help pay for his vet bills, I am selling my Victorian Maiden Dress and headdress, which can be seen here:…?
You Don't have to be a livejournal member to reply, just tell me here.

Also, I'm opening up commissions of all types. Bookmarks, sketches, charms, anything else you can think to commission me for. I'll lay out some price tables.

Bookmarks- $4.00
Charms- $7.00
Digital Drawings- $10~$20 depending on detail and color.

I'll even do $1 pixel icons.

If there is anything at all you can think of that I may be able to do for you, let me know, and i will try. Please, I'm just tryin to raise money for my sick kitty. =x

Thankyou in advance, and remember, all payments must be through paypal. You don't need to have a paypal account, just a debit/credit card.

These awesome and great friends are also taking commissions to help me earn money!! Check out their art, they're both amazing:
:iconaeirimuse: is doing hand drawn bookmark commissions for $5. Read her journal here for more info:…
:iconslave2f8: is doing color commissions to help. Check out her journal here:…
okay, so i finally got the submission thing to work. XD and now everyone can see my wonderful newest cosplay! and noe for info about anime vegas!

lol, i LIVE in vegas, so not going to anime vegas... is a lil silly. XD so i will be going. and i have decided on saturday, i will be competing in the ball as saber. thats right! im going to break out my saber dress! i feel kinda bad about it sitting in a closet, but i gotta find my shoulder pads, and fix the arm. monday, i will be competing in the individual masquerade as kidd. i havent decided if on sunday i will be kidd again, sakura, or no costume. =o prob not sakura though, its not the best of costumes.

my friend, xanu, will eb coming down from indianna to stay with me that weekend. im excited! hes a good interent friend of mine, and itll be a real fun week before he leaves for the navy in jan. =o

what else to say? school is busy! i just realized that next quarter im going to have my portfolio review. x.x its kinda stressfull to think about, and im not even in it yet. XD but, after this quarter, ill be considered a sophomore! =D well its alot of work, juggling projects and what not, but im coming along.

ok, i think im out of things to talk about! =o tata, bye! XD
ok so i just tried very hard to submit a pic of my kidd cosplay and it is FAILING on me! >.< so. yeah. whatever.

Meme Time!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 3, 2009, 3:23 PM

Updating old journal for the use of meme~!

Boob meme.

1. If you had to compare your boobs to a fruit of relatively equal size and shape, what fruit would they be?
hmmmm i think i would say oranges. no orange hybrid, just straight up oranges. =o

2. Given your boob size, would you consider them too large, too small, or just right?
juuuuusssssttt right d^.~

3. What would your partner answer for #2?
he thinks they're just right too. 8D

4. Have you ever considered or gotten breast enhancement? Why or why not?
LMAO the thought has only ever crossed my mind for the sake of cosplay. and yes i mean that. XD

5. Do you consider your boobs an asset or a liability considering your overall appearance?
i hafta say asset. i dont suffer from any back problems or anything so~

6. Have you ever found yourself staring at your boobs in a reflection?
hahahahaha YES.

7. Do you prefer to go around with or without wearing a bra/ sports bra?
i wont leave house w/o a bra, but at home i usually dont ear one.

8. Have you ever flashed your boobs at a random person just to get a reaction out of them?
DEAR LORD NO! D= ide hafta be really super drunk. XD

9. If you could change one thing about your boobs, what would you change?
i would make them eternally perky. =o while their perky level currently is acceptable, i know some day i will be saddened by gravity i wish very much for this day not to come. T-T

10. Why, in your opinion, do you think men/women are fascinated with your boobs?
im very hyper and they jiggle. 8D lollll

11. Have you ever knowingly used your boobs to get your way?
er... i dotn think so. =o i have flirted a little for my benefit but i dont knwo if thats the same...?

12. What matters more – cleavage or overall size of your boobs?

13. If you had to describe your boobs in 3 words or less, what would you say?
entertaining portable toys. 8D

14. Do you consider your boobs as a piece of the foreplay puzzle?
yes, but its kinda gotten to the point its taken for granted. =/

15. Do you enjoy the attention your boobs get, or do you prefer that attention be directed elsewhere?
i havent noticed a direct "boobboobooboob" type attention from anyone, and if its happened i was oblivious to it. =o ooooooh i take it back! i wore a cosplay one where my boobs where almost falling out of my shirt at every turn. 8D in that matter yes, i loved that attention in an embarrassing type why. XD

16. If you could swap boobs with someone famous, who’s boobs would you snag?
ooo since i dont know anyone famous (and most famous people i DO see have itty bitty boobs) can i call a cosplay person instead? XD if so i think i hafta say ignis boobs. just a liiiil bit bigger and added perky. XD

17. Ever used your boobs as references for your artwork?
yes all the time. my drawing are very much based off my own figure.

18. Which would you show first.. your boobs or your butt?
er, uh, i dont really know actually. =o

19. A college art teacher offers you a part time gig as a model for the next artistic nude topless study. Do you go for it, or politely decline?
XD no. ^^;;;;;; no way i could pose nude. thatd be a big fat NOOOO.

20. Playboy calls, and they want you topless on the cover of their next issue. The money is great, but since it’s Playboy, you know everyone will eventually see it. Do you accept?
noooooooooo as above, i dont think i could ever pose nude. =o a photoshoot might be easier then a drawing class, but still, no. =x

Tage 3 people with boobs.
i tag :iconslav2f8::icononiookami::iconaeirimuse:


Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2009, 11:27 AM

Ok this meme was pure WIN. Not only am I taging the 10 people I used, I'm making everyone I know do this and then show me what you got!!! D8

To play click here:…

And here are my q's:
1. What's your fondest memory of Amber?
Mmmm... alot really. I'de hafta say.... whenever she ahs helped me with cosplay. those times are awesome cause we're so on the same page. 83

2. Describe Xanu in five words.

3. Would you marry Josh?
PFFFFHAHAHAHAHAH LMAO well seeing as he's marrying Amber... XD

4. Is Jenn your best friend?
Of my friends shes deffinitely reeeaaalll close. =3

5. Have you dreamt of Bob before?

6. Would you open a mystery gift Nona just gave you, without much hesitation?
HAHA yes but duck as I fear for my face. XD

7. What do you think of Chris?

8. Super fun fun adventure amusement park marathon with you, Brandon and Bob! How will it go?
I get horribly raped then murdered! D= lmao no it'd prob be more of a blast then with anyone else. XD

9. Who does Fox like?
pfffff who knows now a days? XD

10. Do you love Slave?
YES. SHE IS MY SEX SLAVE. THATS WHY I CALL HER SLAVE. )=< lmao no but really ~<3

Hahahaha win meme is win. XD ok, so the 10 people i plugged in are automatically tagged which means...
And Chris, and Josh, and Brandon, and Bob, and Fox, and Xanu, who all dont have DA's. =(

There is STUFF!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2009, 7:33 PM

hurr hurr hurr so im using this 1 week premium thing to make my page look pretty. 8D and do a meme!! XD



01. Post the rules

02. Answer each question truthfully

03. Tag 3-5 people at the end


01. What was your first cosplay?
well you COULD count tenten but it was so horrible. not only was it made by gluing ribbon onto bought stuff, it was WRONG. horribly so. but since i try real hard to erase my blemish, my first TRUE cosplay was Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles. the gems on the shirt ended up cracking a lil, and the fabric wasnt a great choice, but i do believe it looked quite decent. XD

02. Did someone get you into cosplay? Or on your own?
ever since i had started going to cons i had always felt the urge to dress up. i started by trying to by not cosplay but asian influenced stuff like kimonos and what not. then i finally decide to tough it out and learn to sew! so me and my best friend got together and crafted my sakura cosplay. that very con i wore my sakura cosplay i met the beautiful :develroweil: and in her first cosplay. i was so inspired that it hurled towards my next big cosplay, as i tried to reach her level. =D

03. What is your favorite cosplay?
I really like my Saber from Fate/Stay Night, but i also like Kidd from Chrono Cross. im not entirely which i like betted at this point but right now im leaning towards saber. though both i think could use improvements. XD

04. Which is your least favorite?
(besides that horrible tenten?) ide hafta say the time i tried to one from kamichama karin. it was an outfit that was only in 1 chapter and it unfortunately got commonly mistaken for bunny maid cosplay. ;_; only ONE girl recognized me and it was ONLY because of the hair doodad. XD

5. At conventions, do people compliment you on your cosplays?
ive gotten pretty good feedback. =x when i wore my saber everyone thought it was amazing. when i was saber, everyone just wnted to be in a pic with me. XD im kinda oblivious to gossip though so i dunno if other thigns where said. =x

6. How many have you done?
lolllll not counting the really bad tenten? 1... 2... 3... 4... 4. ive done 4. =x

7. What are the top 5 on your list of "Want to Cosplay"?
uh. =x i dont know if i have 5 but ill try. XD
1. BIGGEST RIGHT NOW is Ignis from an h game called Chaos Gate Jingai Makyo
2. Utewarerumono. =x im going to be working on Hakurou for chris and i want to do Eruru
3. I think i might like to do something from Princes Lover
4. Clamp works always have me fascinated. 8D
5. possibly... miku... >.>;

8. (Girls only) What female cosplay do you want to do most?
Ignis from Jingai Makyo!

9. What male cosplay do you want to do most?
i dont think ide be able to cross paly. =x it'd hafta be one dam girly man. but for my boyfriend, hakurou? 8D

10. What do you prefer to do, make or buy your costumes?
make make make! i dont why but when i think about cosplaying with prebought outfits it just doesnt feel right. =/

11. Your most memorable experience? What makes it so memorable?
im not sure. =x no no it was when i went to the masquerade at AX08 and during my skit. XD at the end, someone else music started playing! and we both looked towards the screen confused! XD also, later people said it looked like he killed me!!! XD

12. Your dream cosplay?

13. Is there a pattern in your cosplays? If so, what is it?
pattern as in something that repeats or do i use patterns? i modify patterns and sometimes make ones. but as for themes not really. =x i like good looking chicks? lmao. oh wait there is a theme! alot of the ones i like are all from h-games!!! XD

14. Your most recent cosplay?
Kidd from Chrono Cross.

15. What do you prefer? Cosplaying in a group or on your own?
i would love to do groups with big funny skits but organizing a group is sooo hard. =x i usually do it by myself. lol

I tag...well damn no one i knows really cosplays. so i demand any friend of mine that reads this and feels they apply to this meme to do it! XD

ok so :iconmosskat: is having a free art raffle! its actually really neat and theres alotta good art! check it out!…
gooo~ nooowwww~

ill update bout ax laters~ ooh so much. still trying to sort out all the pics too. P=
oh noes! and my subscription ran out!! lol, actually its no big prob. i havent been to active lately on my page, so i feel the subscription kinda went to waste. =/ it was fun though!

for those of you dont know (aka those of you who dont know me irl) i was accepted to, and have started school at the art institute! yay! im broke forever now! no but really, im really enjoying my time at ai. ive been there since january, and pretty soon here the next quarter will begin.

which brings up another subject. ive been SO busy with school (nevermind work) i havent had time to do anything. srsly. not a thing. so i am announcing an art hiatus. i think i might post from time to time some work from school, but dont expect a lick of anything else. now, im still on da. ill still be here checking messages and reading journals and all. but i wont be posting anything in a while. sorry.

on another hand, my cospaly is going so slow. -__- again, with so much school, i ahvent had alot of time to work on it. i CAN say though, ive finished the PATTERN for the jacket. i still need to do the skirt and the undershirt. P= and its just the pattern/draft portion so technically nothings done yet. =/

ooh ooh! it looks like i may be getting a super awesome job doing super awesome things!! lol, so thats really vague. but yeah, they do like brochures and all that fancy looking stuff for weddings and funerals and stuff. they want me to be a graphic designer for them. so its nothing real creative or cutting edge, just fancy cut and paste. but their gonna pay me alot better then im being payed right now! 8D so in a couple of weeks ill be able to tell ya how that panned out. <3

well, until later, ja ne! <3

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 9, 2008, 3:40 PM

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Taking Animated avvie commissions! Negotionable price around $5.

Click here or note me for more details.

~*Whats New*~

ok, so this awesome guy, compguy bought me a new subscription! D= hes actually a pretty cool guy, i knew him in my senior year. stop by and say hi to the guy! =D he doesnt have alot of deviations up, but hes not really an artist. just a friend. so say hi! =D

meanwhile, ive been playing with sculpey! X3 ive got some super awesome figures ive done that im real proud of. <3 still hafta paint em though, then ill try to take pics to show ya. <3

cosplay's coming REAL slow. actually, i havent even started. D= its real frustrating, cause i need to draft patterns, btu its hard to do that on myself. >.< but after the xmas season im hoping to have enough money to buy me a dressform. i guess ill hafta kick into overdrive then.

omigosh! any of you know what AI is? its the Art Institute. if you havent heard of it, its a pretty big franchise school that ive always looked at with big eyes and a drooling mouth. however, they are insanely expensive. buuuuttt~ ive been tlaking to some financial counselors, and, providing this loan pulls through, i should be starting there in jan! =D im psyched!! <3 wish me luck all! cause im horribly terrified of getting stiff on art. D=

anywho, not much else to say. i got my tree up, and im all prepared for christmas. yep... things are pretty solid as usual. =3

~*Cosplay Projects*~

</a> </a>

Me as Kid and my bf as Serge. I've got alot of plans for this right now, im just waiting to see how things pan out! Click for bigger images. 8D

~*Terra's Personal Feature*~

Awry doodle by waterdancer
i know its kinda lame, but i really like this piece. awry is still on my mind alot, and even though this is just an unfinished doodle, i still like it alot. <3


. . : A C T I V E : . .


. . : A R T . P R O J E C T S : . .

Coloring the awry ref pic;
Sculpey figures;
Nona's animated marking bar;

. . : U P C O M I N G . E X P O S : . .

Anime Expo 4th of July weekend. Details unknown.

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Avvie commissions! See my Journal!

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